Copyright infringement

As you may find in episonic's terms of use, episonic lets you easily upload and sell digital goods.
Any digital good can be copied, sampled and resampled and who knows that better than you, episonic's customers, which are involved in the music business themselves.

episonic believes that every artist should also be able to pay his/her rent every month and so it is necessary that the copyrights of any material are respected.

Any copyrights on the episonic platform are managed by the artists themselves when they accept the terms which include not to sell any copyrighted material.
We know that the world does not consist of angels only, so if you think somebody makes business on episonic with your copyrighted material, do not just give it to your lawyer.
Send a mail to

office [at] episonic [dot] com

and describe, which artwork is suspected, how you found it and what makes you prove that you are the real owner.
episonic will immediately remove the item from the platform until the dispute has been setteled.

There is absolutely no need to send a cease-and-desist-letter because the problem can be solved easily between parties on a competent business way.

The concept of episonic has been discussed with several lawyers and with the austrian collectiong society for mechanical rights "AKM"


In case you need to send a letter, send it to :
episonic office:

Marc Muncke
Hollandstrasse 8/4

A - 1020 Wien

Tel : 0043 1 218 34 76
Mobile : 0043 650 890 15 20

In case of any troubles, do not hesitate to call me personally.
Languages supported on the phone: english, french, german, italian